Es kam zu einer erheblichen Verseuchung von Böden und Gewässern, die bis heute schwere Folgen für die Umwelt und die Gesundheit der örtlichen Bevölkerung verursachten. September , abgerufen am


That has been the situation before the interventions of the Troika into the law of the collective labour agreements. And it has already been at that time below the absolute poverty line. In how far there have or are higher collective labour agreements for specific segments of the economy, is not known to me. The number of private households below the poverty line in has been Phantis concludes from this the undernourishment of these children.

Der Phantis-Artikel sees the official poverty line related to a household of 4 persons. In addition to that, according to Phantis, Even though I do not know the exact number of starving people at Greece, the numbers explained above, however, show clearly, that in a large scale and systematically, it is being accepted, that millions of people at Greece are threatened of starvation.

At Spain, a humanitarian catastrophe in the area of nutrition already exists because of the austerity measures. Spain and Portugal are moving in big steps towards a humanitarian catastrophe in the health sector. This shows, that the disregard of the social universal human rights regarding the austerity measures for the obtai-ning of the means for the banks, can lead to humanitarian catastrophes within few years or even only months, regarding to which questions regarding art.

In the parts III. For Spain and Portugal, for this purpose, also the humanitarian effects would have to be compared to the conditions, in order to relate, what has been effected by the conditions of the Troika within EFSM respectively EFSF, what by the conditions within the deficit procedure, what is possibly caused by the policy in these countries.

But that is not the topic of this letter. Here shall, at the moment insofar only be shown, that the interference of the ICC regarding Greece is necessary also in the sense of the preventing art. Already the official start of investigations on Greece by the ICC will set a decisive sign, in order to save the lives of countless patients and of starving long-term jobless people also at Portugal and Spain.

Latest after the enactment of art. Within a few months, if such drastical cuts were implemented, also at Portugal questions regarding the Roman Statute could arise. Moreover, friends of me from the province Alentejo have told us, that the hospital responsible for the region can only do an emergence supply any more, and that you already today have to drive from there with a broken bone or after a heart attack more than kilometers, if you need more than an emergency treatment.

The situation at Portugal is already today much worse, than it had been visible by the original memorandum of understanding at And the inhumanity is exposed in very clearness at Spain, where the Red Cross, for the first time in the history of the country, has asked for food donations in view of This regulation is similar to the EFSM of the european financial mechanism, but for EU member states outside the eurozone.

Now even the amubulant health care shall be taken away from the poor. The mentioned numbers are from the year , as the follwing links prove: Also the taz confirms, that there have been since , and still are, drastical cuts in the Romanian health system because of the conditions of the Troika. According to the article, an orderly medical treatment is only available with bribery. The sufferers are poor and old people. The pain caused by the excessive conditions at the cost of the Greeks, has not primarily to do with the Greeks.

The liquidity problems of the country have only been used as an opportunity, in order to be able to establish more and more mechanisms for the securing of the financial sector. This is the real suspected motive of the crime. The Greeks have been chosen as only the first victims. The Germans like all inhabitants of the eurozone are going to be treated later, namely of the enactment of art. The granting of any required financial assistance under the mechanism will be made subject under strict conditionality.

The conclusions of the summit of the By means of art. And the ESM prohibits via collective action clauses every sovereignly managed state bankruptcy, in order to force the countries of the eurozone, when they are bankrupt, into a state insolvency procedure, in which they get additional political conditions by their private creditors part IV. The tightening of the Growth and Stability Pact aims at strict conditions for states with too high deficit or too high debt, the Imbalance Procedure at strict interventions of the EU Commission into into any matters of wage, finance, or economic policy of the member states, and the Economic Surveillance at any interventions of the EU Commission into the draft budgets of the governments of the member states.

To the populations of the EU member states, however, it has been pretended, that the aim was the protection of the currency and of the public finances. I rather believe, that for the question of guilt before the ICC for the suffering caused against the Greeks, it could be of significant importance, who has invented this deception.

All financial assistances in the scope of mechanisms connected to art. The ESM, in addition to that, is obliged by art. The economic government is obliged by consideration no. In the statute of the IMF, there is no obligation to inhumanity at all.

By means of an excessive immunity against penalty law and against liability as well as by means of excessive payment, however, the standards of moral and of viewing the world are, within the IMF, in a way shifted, resulting in IMF conditions without any respect to basic rights and to human rights of the inhabitants of the debtor countries.

The Roman Statute is the basis solely for the prosecution of crimes, which have been committed at the For crimes before that date, a prosecution is not possible by the ICC, but possibly by international ad hoc — courts like those for Ruanda and Jugoslavia or by national courts of the respective victim state.

The initiation of an investigation by the ICC is necessary also in order to set a crucial sign just in time, in order to prevent the systematic inhumanity from being entrenched with the rank of EU primary law by means of art.

You find it at the link: Via consideration 3 and art. If these tightened conditions are not fulfilled, as additional sanctions towards the respective country would be used the cut of the EU funds named in consideration no. The difference is, that according to art. Romania regulation EG Nr. The combination of any interventions into the draft budgets and of the instrumentalization of the named EU funds would make especially the poorer regions, the family agriculture, and the ecological agriculture, and even food aid via the eu social fund, dependend on the mercy of the Commission.

In the case of non-compliance with the conditions, agricultural enterprises would be ruined, and food aid would be reduced or ended, as a result of the cuts into the mentioned EU funds. Both would increase the number of starving people in the eurozone and would contribute to further cases of art. Also this shows the systematical attack and the large scope. The ESM is the hardest of the mechanisms tied to art. A later elevation of the ESM Treaty to the rank of EU primary law, however, is planned according to the prolog and the epilog of the statement to the euro summit of the The IMF law has the rank of normal international law, it stands like the vast majority of international law just one stage above the simple national law art.

The IMF itself is not bound to the universal human rights, but because of the preeminence of the universal human rights in comparison to the IMF law, no debtor state has ever been entitled or obliged, to fulfill the conditions of the IMF any further, than they are compatible with the universal human rights. The UN Charter is, according to its own art. Because the UN Charter, at the same obliges to the respect for the sovereignty of the states art.

The rank of the universal human rights, i. The ad hoc courts at Nuremburg, on Japan, on Ruanda, and on Yugoslavia can, in view of the prohibition derived from human rights art. The EU primary law has, from its own perspective, a rank above the national constitutions of the member states art.

This stands in contradiction to the rank of the UN Charter and of the universal human rights, because also the EU law is international law. The constitutional courts react, depending on their constitutional situation, differently on the rank claim of the EU law. According to continuous jurisdiction of the Polish constitutional court, the Polish constitution is the highest law at Poland and so stands also above the EU law see e. Judgement of the The German constitutional court regards since the Lisbon judgement of the According to basic principle 3 of the Lisbon judgement, the implementation of the EU law has to leave enough space for the universal human rights, but the German constitutional court has not clarified, if it regards the EU secondary law EU guidelines, EU regulations, etc.

Also the Latvian constitutional court has in its judgement of the These examples show, that the rank claims of the EU law and of the universal human rights stand in compe- tition to each other, and that many EU member states regard the EU primary law except for the common foreign and safety policy CFSP , but not necessarily the EU secondary law, as standing above the universal human rights.

This woud imply, that because of art. In addition to that, art. How far this obligation can go from the perspective of the European Court of Justice ECJ , shows its judgement of the The collision has been, that the EU guideline has given more importance to the equal rights between men and women, and the ILO convention has given more importance to the protection of women against kinds of work in mining, which are hard or are risky to health.

After the enactment of art. This would most probably mean, that the countries would be obliged, to add a reservation to the universal human rights treaties ratified by the respecitve countries, to the UDHR, an to the Roman Statute, in the way, that the universal human rights and the universal penalty law would not be applicable any more to the respective state, insofar as the conditions of mechanisms connected to art.

At Greece, already today the universal human rights to health art. This shows, that art. The credit conditions of the IMF destroy intentiously the ability of the states, to independently provide their own population with food, and they serve for the effect, that less areas are available for food cultivation and more areas for the export.

A central motive for the intentious decline of the food supply of the whole population of a debtor state seems to be, that this way whole peoples, and not only governments and parliaments, can easier be forced to obey to other conditions and to the debt servicing. Because food is, in contrast to capital, no societal fiction, but necessary for survival.

The conditions always aim at making impossible a food supply independent of the world market. Most often, the currency devaluation imposed by the IMF, leads to market-distortingly high prices for the import of fertiliziers, pesticides, tractors, etc.

The purchasing power of the domestic customers of the farmers is destroyed by the enforced reduction of wages and of social benefits. Social institutons for the farmers, e. Support shipments of highly subventioned agrarian surpluses are, where trade liberalization does not suffice, used intentiously to ruin whole economical segments of family farmers.

Where all this is not enough, sometimes smaller agricultural enterprizes are simply prohibited e. With the destruction of the family farmers structures and with the aim of the bigger enterprizes to the export, the states do not only become dependend on the import of fertilizer, pesticides, etc.

The cuts into food subventions as IMF imposed conditions are no singular cases, but rather usual: Michel Chossudovsky , since the beginning of the ies, because of IMF conditions, the currency has been devaluated resulting in rising costs of fuel and fertilizer, p. The collapse of the Somalian agriculture also is shown by the fact, that at the beginning of the ies, the sale of food aid had already become the main source of revenue for the Somalian government p.

At Ruanda, the structural adjustment program of the IMF served for starvation. In the country, which had already been focused on coffee cultivation, the national fund for the securing against falling coffee prices has been abolished together with all other public agricultural funds.

Added to this were the known effects of currency devaluation and trade liberalization on the domestic agriculture p. Finally at , even the coffee price for the farmers of Ruanda has been legally limited because of a condition of the World Bank p.

Amidst the Ruandan civil war, the IMF enforced a further currency devaluation even though the country already had to export a part of its food because of the one-sided focus on coffee cultivation p. The trade liberalization of the grain markets enforced by IMF and World Bank have had the effect, that the food aid has been implemented in a way, which has further ruined the domestic agricultural production p. According to the International Committee of the Red Cross, over 1 million people have been starving at Ruanda at p.

Ruanda has, even though the dominant coffee cultivation, been self- sufficient regarding food, until it has allowed in , because of an IMF credit condition, the dumping of highly subventioned US and EU food surpluses p. At Mozambique, IMF and World Bank have supported with their credit conditions big agricultural projects, for which the state has obliged itself, to replace to expel family farmers for the benefit of big firms, which are focused on export p.

Michel Chossudovsky , and which do contribute nothing to the nutrition of the Mozambiquans. At the same time, at Amhara were 2,8 million people starving, and at Oromiya 1,6 million people, a clear example, how the one-sided orientation on export, which has been imposed by IMF and World Bank, in combination with the destruction of the food cultivation for the domestic market creates starvation p.

Michel Chossudovsky , particularly sind half of the export revenue went into the debt servicing p. The hunger appears at Ethiopia with a regionally stongly varying distribution, as a result from the prohibition of the financial redistribution between the provinces and the federal level, which had been imposed by the IMF p.

Before the starvation at Ethiopia, the World Bank imposed removal of the price limits for fuel and fertilizer p. The agricultural trade has been liberalized at the command of the IMF p. The tobacco export revenues went into the debt servicing instead of the fight against starvation p.

For Niger, officially one of the poorest countries of the world, the IMF has, in , prohibited the creation of food reserves. Amidst the famine at Niger, in which 3,6 million people have stood at the abyss, the IMF has even prohibited any free distribution of millet, in the name of preventing market distortions. And not only such distributions, which could have cost the state Niger money and could have reduced its debt servicing, but even the distribution of millet by the United Nations and by NGOs Germanwatch interview with Prof.

Jean Ziegler of the year Niger is no individual case. On Ethiopia, see p. Michel Chossudovsky and the Global Research article at the link: Michel Chossudovsky, published At India, family farmers and farm workers are together million people p. The removal of the fertilizer subvention, which had been explicitely demanded by the IMF p.

The harsh accusation by Prof. Chossudovsky regarding India may cause wondering, because many other countries have got even more brutal and even more intentious conditions against their food supply, it is, however, justified, because at no other country of the world are so many starving people, and because IMF and World Bank and not wars, caste system, religious intolerance, gene technology or anything else have the main guilt for that.

At Bangla Desh, the IMF enforced, at the beginning of the ies, the removal of the agricultural subven- tions, enforced the trade liberalization, and the deregulation of the grain market p. This been made possible by the trade liberalization enforced by the IMF.

The economical ruin forced many farmers to a new start at areas, which were particularly endangered by floods. This is the explanation for Far distributed undernourishment and a lack of vitamin A have already existed at Bangla Desh before the flood, and typical IMF conditions have a crucial share in the causes of this.

At Vietnam, farmers have been encouraged by the World Bank, to cultivate for export instead of food for the own population p.

Because of the decline of the world market prices for the respective export commodities, Vietnam got into the situation, to subvention food exports, while the farmers of the country were starving as a result of the IMF typical curency devaluation including the increase of the prices for fuel and fertilizer connected to it. In , a famine has taken place with The enforced orientation to export has also led to the expulsion of family farmers by big landowners p.

The country has, until the beginning of the military dictatorship in the ies, been one of the countries with the highest standard of living at Latin America and with a broad middle class. Argentina has received its first IMF loan already one week after the assumption of the military dictatorship in From to always more public expenditures, because of the pressure by the IMF, have been reduced, from to all public enterprizes have been privatized.

Since the Menem government, the cuts also in the social area became so strong, that the starvation begun, years after the end of the dictator-ship. According to the journalist Sebastian Hacher Indymedia , in the year at Argentina, children per day died of starvation; this means And the adult Argentinians, who have died of starvation because of the IMF, are not counted yet in this number. At demonstrator at the demonstration of the jobless people at the In order to keep the control at Brazil even though the mass layoffs in the public sector and the removal of the public pension insurance in after the constitutional change, which had been enforced by the IMF for these purposes p.

Michel Chossudovsky , a part of the reduction of the expenditures has been used for food aid to the inhabitants of slums. In rural areas, there are, in addition to that, model projects, where landless people are gives exhausted agricultural areas or can buy them with the help of World Bank loans , which seem not profitable enough for the big landowners. And the areas are given to the landless people, which are not in the land register, but are the property of Indigenous people, whereas in the constitutionally guaranteed property rights of the Indigenous people had been streaked according to the command of the IMF.

Instead of paying for food for all, the IMF let it happen, that instead the state paid to big landowners for the employment of land workers, and that food aid supplies were also used for the targeted destructed of the food cultivation of family farmers p. The country has been exposed several times to shocking IMF conditions. The IMF enforced, in the name of the fight against the hyperinflation of August , layoffs in the public sector, cuts social in the social system, and the reduction of wages p.

Since the hyperinflation with all its effects like the increase in price of fertilizer etc. At Russia, the combination of artifical currency devaluation and of releasing the prices, both imposed by the IMF, served at for to a hundredfold increase of the prices, while, in the name of the fight against inflation, only a tenfold increase of the wages has been tolerated.

The price of bread has risen operproportio-nally from between 17 and 18 kopeks to 20 rubles p. The food supply sank below the level it had during World War II p. In , the IMF, in addition to that, effected by the deregulation of a big Russian bread fabric, a further between tripling and quadrupling of the bread price p. The family farmer food cultivation at Albania has been pushed back by a combination of trade liberalization, of food aid from subventioned grain surpluses, from currency devaluation resulting in price increase of fertilizer and fuel, shrinking of the real wages etc.

That these IMF conditions at the cost of the starving cannot be rare single cases, is shown by the official report of the In , world-wide million people, in ca. At , enough food has been produced for 12 billion people interview with Prof. According to the then actual world food report, neverthe-less, in , more than According to an article of Dr. The behaviour of the IMF towards the Ukraine is a proof, that the IMF even after the start of the economic crisis still acts in the same way, hostile against human rights.

The Ukraine has been affected particularly hard by the economic crisis, by a speculative bubble and by a deep recession. In this context, Dr. Engdahl reports on a study of the Cambridge University of the year , which has statistically proven by 21 middle and eastern European countries, that states, which have been under IMF conditions, have had a significantly higher tuberculosis rate than states without IMF conditions.

The publication date Engdahl explains, that particularly a significant increase of the tuberculosis deaths indicates a fast worsening medical supply, because tuberculosis is a disease with a fast course.

The Canadian economist Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, a colleague of Dr. Engdahl in the globalization research network Global Resarch, names on p. At Ruanda, the World Bank enforced moderating fees of the patients and mass layoffs in the health sector p.

The creditors enforced further cuts in and Ten thouands of health workers incl. Hospitals have been closed, because too few of the patients were able to pay on their own for the health services. In order to prevent the reconstruction of the health sector, the finances of the medical faculties have been massively cut p.

According to the WHO, the number of malaria deaths threefolded, and already defeated diseases, such as tuberculosis, reappeared at Vietnam p. The behaviour of the IMF before the economic crisis and with the elevation of such inhumane condition to a rank of EU secondary law, gives a light taste on, how much the IMF or the Troika respectively the EU Commission would rage after the carde blanche enabling, which is wanted by art.

The page numbers quoted refer to the German edition. As far as in this part of this text English quotations are in quotation signs, this is the non-authorized as wordly as possible translation from German into English by my husband Volker Reusing, same address as Sarah Luzia Hassel-Reusing , which possibly is not exactly identical to the English original, because we have only the German version of the study.

At Ghana, according to UNICEF, cutting the expenditures for medical basical supply has led to the increase of frequency, distribution, and deaths by infectious diseases p. UNICEF, however, also applaudes to Chile for its free school meals, for its food programs for children until the age of 6 years, and for support programs for pregnant women and children up to the age of 8 years, who live in extreme poverty p.

This means, that in other countries with IMF conditions, respective programs to limit the starvation of children have not been or been in a lesser amount than in the Chile of Pinochet available.

At Gambia, according to UNICEF, the undernourishment of children has risen in as a result of increased food prices resulting from IMF conditions without social mitigating measures p. Ghana received IMF loans and structural adjustment conditions in Because of the collapse of the cacao prices, the per-capita income has already fallen by a third from to There has been a mass exodus of qualified personnel of the social sectors.

UNICEF applauds to the IMF only for the reduction of the inflation, which had been three-digit before, but its programs were primarily orientatied on the economical situation. Jamaica received loans by the IMF at and at , the one in with significantly tougher conditions. The prices of grain, flour, maize flour, and rice have risen even stronger.

Public aid programs have reached only a part of the undernourished p. From to , the number of gravely undernourished children admitted to hospital doubled, the number with diseases of stomach and bore tripled, whereas the strongest increase has taken place from to The country received from to and from to IMF loans. Among the conditions have been the removal of any food subventions p.

The tuberculosis rate has risen an interesting parallel to the IMF induced rise of tuberculosis in the former eastern block countries during the ies, part V. The Philippines received an IMF loan at A result was, that the tax financed subsidies for the elementary health supply has been reduced to a fifth of the amount to the respective subsidies to hospitals of the upper class.

The health expenditures have fallen from to by a third p. The Grenadian economist Davison Budhoo, who had served, i.

You find a part of the English text in the internet at. As far as in this part of this text English quotations are in quotation signs, this is the non-authorized as wordly as possible translation from German into English by my husband Volker Reusing, same address as Sarah Luzia Hassel-Reusing , which possibly is not exactly identical to the English original, because we have only the complete German version.

For significantly smaller loans than those of the IMF itself, the IMF enabled private banks without any legal basis, to add to the conditions created by the IMF their own particular-interest-like and in no way less human-rights-ignoring conditions, which then have also been put through by the IMF.

Already in the time from to there have been, according to Budhoo, 27 cases, in which the IMF has included particular private banks, and in only one case these banks have been willing, to accept the credit conditions, which had already been negotiated between the IMF and the respective state, in the other 26 cases they insisted on adding their own political conditions p.

For the accumulation of interests of private banks in view of the IMF, as a result, i. At page , he says: At Eastern Asia as well as at Latin America, these supportive loans have served the purpose to pay foreign creditors, who were released of the necessity to carry the costs of the loss of their claims from the loans the had given carelessly. In some cases, governments have eben bailed out private debts and have this way, in fact, socialized private risks. They have helped the creditors out of their unconfortable situation, but the money of the IMF has not been a gigt, but only a further credit- and the developing country had to pay for it.

In fact, the tax payers of the poor country paid for the unreliable policy of the rich countries regarding giving credits. On page 58, Stiglitz says in a chapter on the Asia crisis: Behind this stands the purpose, to refill the foreign exchange reserves as soon as possible, in order to be able to fulfill the claims of the creditors.

Stiglitz shows the extent of the one-sided-ness of the IMF for the benefit of the creditors at the example of Ethiopia, where the IMF has, for the question, whether the budget was balanced, not counted the foreign aid as revenue p.

At page , Stiglitz shows at the example of Argentina, that this country had to choose in its acute debt crisis, if it took new IMF loans, just in order to pay back old IMF loans. Argentina, however, would have got additional condition for this by the IMF, which would have further aggravated the recession. Argentina at that time really managed to get a partly debt cut by the IMF, and to reject any new IMF conditions, in turn for paying back the rest of the debts, the country had to the IMF.

The IMF had already forced Argentina before to privatize its public pension insurance and to increase the prices for water and electricity p. Argentina has made the experience, that the IMF intentiously delayed the state bankruptcy of the country, in order to be able to put through before as much conditions as possible p. Stiglitz shows the one-sided-ness of the IMF also on p. The IMF wanted, that every sovereign country, which considers declaring its default, thinks for a long time and intensively, before it takes this step.

No court can force a sovereign country to fulfill its debt service; normally, there are no or only few assets, which can be confiscated in contrast to private insolvencies, where the creditors can liquidate an enterprize or objects given to them as securities. Only fear has driven them to the debt service; without fear, loans would not be payed off, the bond market for the debts of states would simply dry out.

And Brazil has been ordered by the IMF, to use the currency reserves of its central bank to defend the Brazilian currency against speculators, who tried next after the Asia crisis, to speculate down the Brazilian currency. Stiglitz mentions Russia as a positive example, which has got again access to loans on the financial market only 2 years after its default, which the country has managed in in a sovereignty respecting way p.

For this purpose, it is important, that the debt reduction is high enough, to give new creditors confidence in the ability of the country to pay off future debts. In the Asia crisis, the IMF has received direct counselling by some banke regarding the credit conditions on the states, which the IMF gave loans at that time p. Among them were, according to Prof. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, and Salomon Smith Barney, independently from the question, which of these banks might have contributed to the Asia crisis by means of currency speculations.

In , the IMF forced several Asian countries, among them Indonesia, to loosen their restrictions on caprial movements including making easier the speculation with currencies. And at the same time, the IMF forced them to use large amounts of their national currency reserves for the purchase of their own currency with the aim to prevent the devaluating speculation of the domestic currency, while at least the waste of the currency reserves for the support of the currency exchange rate had been recommended to the IMF before by the international private bank association IIF p.

The history of the creating of art. As a result, the Prime Ministers concluded at the summit of the European Council at the It seems, that Herman van Rompuy has earlier and better informed than most or even than all of the Prime Ministers and financial ministers of the countries of the eurozone, who has drafted art.

The study says on art. The basis for this will deliver the new prescriptions of art. This shall allow crisis interventions, but they should be as unattractive as possible. The WIFO expert opinion proves, that art. The same WIFO expert opinion also includes the proposals, most of which have been used by the EU Commission for the drafts in September of the EU regulations for the tightening of the Stability and Growth Pact and for the intro- duction of the Imbalance Procedure.

The EU regional commissioner as well as the WIFO expert seem to be important witnesses of the history of the creating of art. Also of significant importance seems to be, when the expert opinion has been commissioned.

In addition to that, significant further findings on this might be delivered by inter-viewing the the President of the EU Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso. The suspected objective part regarding art. So it is crucial to investigate, who is responsible for the fact, that the economic and financial ministers Ecofin in the EU Council of Ministers have, at the Apart from that, the investigation of the question is crucial, who is responsible for that in no.

The conditions, which have led to the humanitarian catastrophe in the Greek health sector, come, as explained in part III. So it makes sense, to interview not only IMF and EU Commission, which are involved anyway in this procedure because of the charges against Mrs. Barroso, but also the responsible representatives of the ECB. Since, as shown in part III. Jörg Asmussen has been financial undersecratary until the end of ; he has also, in the past, worked for Goldman Sachs und could therefore interesting for an interview.

With credit default swaps CDS , banks bet, that a particular claim will not be lost. Creditors often use these CDS in the way, that they bet, that their own claims get lost.

If they lose their claim, the at least win their bet instead and then get the money for the won bet. But they are rather speculative financial products, because one can with them also bet on the loss of claims of other creditors. These numbers, however, become relative for the banks insofar, as they themselves also emit CDS, they are themselves big creditors of the states, and they secure their own claims on states also with CDS of other banks.

That, however, still says nothing about the distribution of the numbers among the banks. Since banks have, as a result, their significant own interests as creditors of the states and as emittors of CDS, the real role of such bankers, who have a strong counselling influence on policy and on the EU institutions in connection to the financial crisis, be most closely regarded, especially if and which incluence their counselling may have had on the conditions, which have led to the humanitarian crisis at Greece.

Josef Ackermann has not only been chairman of the board of directors of Deutsche Bank, he is also active for the international private bank association IIF International Institute of Finance and for the preparation committee of the Bilderberg network. This suggests, that particularly for her political actions, external counselling plays a big role, and Mr. Ackermann is possibly not the only one with influence on her actions in the financial crisis. Jörg Asmussen has, in former times, been working for Goldman Sachs.

Already before the assumption of office of the current German federal finance minister Dr. In my quality as a German, it is important to me that, as a matter of fairness, also the question is investigated, how much of the responsibility, which the Greeks, who have filed the charge, attribute to the German Chancellor and to the German federal minister of finance, possibly is to be attributed directly to particular banks.

The political power of Goldman Sachs in Europe relies to a significant degree in the positioning of its own former or even current employees at leading political positions. In addition to that, Goldman Sachs, as e.

The powerful role of Goldman Sachs within Bilderberg is also documentated by the long-standing member-ship of Goldman Sachs counsellor Mario Monti in the steering committee of Bilderberg. According to the same article, it has also been Goldman Sachs, who have counselled Greece, when Greece has achieved the accession to the euro by incorrect pieces of information towards Eurostat.

According to the article, Goldman Sachs has lobbyied for a technocrat government and for new elections not before January, better spring — successful, meanwhile His Excellency, Mr. Mario Monti, governs Italiy. And Goldman Sachs really ask the ECB to to carry on buying in big style Italian bonds; a crucial piece of evidence, that Goldman Sachs also seems to be involved in bets regarding an Italian state bankruptcy. In addition to that, Goldman Sachs strategist Alan Brazil recommends to speculate against the euro, because the euro is signifi-cantly weakened, if further rescue packages are made.

Just in the weak before the This shows at the same time the elevated power position in comparison to other creditor banks. What the Greeks already experience, now will approach the Italians, wages down, taxes up, with the impoverishment of the society, resulting from that. The actual decisive influence of Goldman Sachs on the ECB and on the Italian government, and for a long time, on the German government, as well as the significant influence of Goldman Sachs in the steering committee of the Bilderberg network, combined with significant own interests as a creditor of states and especially as a tenderer of CDS, make urgently necessary an investigation, if and, if yes, in how far this bank has influenced the behaviour of Germany, of Italy, and particularly of the ECB regarding the conditions on Greece and regarding the creation of the European financing mechanism.

Jörg Asmussen should be interviewed on this. The Bilderberg network is named after a hotel in the Netherlands, where in the ies, it has had its first meeting. At the annual Bilderberg meeting under exclusion of the public, representatives of big banks, insurance companies, industrial and media corporations have the opportunity to impress their interests on politicians.

Only the items of the agenda and the guest lists are published. Regarding closer contents and results of the meetings, silence is yet remaining. The politicians, who are newly invited as guests are most often, such politicians, whose career goes up after their visit to Bilderberg. Giorgos Papandreou has been at the Bilderberg conference at Greece and has been elected as Greek Prime Minister only months after.

Peer Steinbrück, who had already been minister of finance until , when the German bank safeguarding umbrella Soffin has been concluded, has been at the Bilderberg conference at Switzerland and now is chancellor candidate of the second-biggest German party Socialdemocratical Party of Germany. The official guest lists of the three most recent Bilderberg meetings are at the following link: One of the links with all guest lists of the hitherto Bilderberg meetings is: And Josef Ackermann former chairman of the board of directors of the Deutsche Bank and officially most important external counsellor of the German Chancellor regarding the financial crisis is in the preparatory committee of the Bilderbergers.

By the membership in the preparatory committee exists, in additio to that, a crucial influence on who is allowed to participate at the respective following Bilderberg meating. Davignon himself admits to The Economist, the Bilderberg meeting at Spain has dealt with the financial problems of Europe and with the question, if the currency euro would survive. The Economist article is at the link.

The Bilderberg conference The Bilderberg meeting agenda is here: Also the participants of the Bilderberg conference show, that there must have taken place a preliminary discussion, undemocratical and intransparent because of the exclusion of the public, for the behaviour at the summit of the European Council at the Herman van Rompuy, as the President of the European Council, the man with the biggest power over the agenda and the publications of the European Council, has been there, supported by Frans van Daele, the head of the personnel department of the European Council.

Of particular importance of the banking sector has been Josef Ackermann as participant of the preparatory committee, but also the chairmen of the national banks of Canada and of Belgium, a former chairman of the US issuing bank Federal Reserve, and representatives of further big private banks like, e. Since Herman van Rompuy has brought the draft of art.

Ich schickte gerade eine sehr lange Darstellung an die deutsche Bundesanwaltschaft und an die Firma Consilion, in der der ehemalige Bürgermeister von Dohnanyi arbeitet.

Aber mit den sdi-Waffen kann man sie jederzeit hinabstürzen und aufschlitzen. Das Ganze lief unter Willi Brandt als Bundeskanzler. Klaus von Dohnanyi war lange Zeit Energie minister, längst Bundesforschungsminister genannt. Daraufhin wurde er aber Staatssekretär im Bundeswirtschaftsministerium, immer noch unter Willi Brandt. Wo gibt es das, dass ein Minister freiwillig die Karriereleiter heruntersteigt, vom Minister zum Staatssekretär. Die beiden Brüder Klaaaaaaaaaaaaaus und christoph von Dohnanyi hatten sich von da an nur noch selbst.

Nun, da Dohnanyi unentwegt lügt, behaupte ich, dass Nancy Reagan seine Ziehmutter wurde. Darauf komme ich, weil eine Zeitlang das Gerede in der Poltik, nachdem ich begonnen hatte, mich mittels Rundbriefe an die Politik zu engagierne, das Gerede von Ziehvater war.

Ja, jetzt erinnere ich. Es wurde erklärt, dass Werner Heisenberg der Ziehvater von Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker war, die beide schon imNationalsozialismus begonnen hatten, anzi-sdi zu entwickeln, dieses forschungsprojekt aber hinter ihrer angeblichen Entwicklungsforschung der Atombombe versteckt hätten. Von Weizsäcker, dass er nach Beginn meines politischen Engagements extra für mich geschrieben hatte, ich ihm nämlich auch lange Zeit schrieb. Ich lebte ihn wie einen Vater. Dass es den Verlag noch gibt, wage ich zu bezweifeln.

Es beschreibt, erfährtman in den ersten Zeilen des Vorwortes schon, wie die Stadt Wilhelmshaven unter Hans apel alsMinisterpräsident von Niedersachsen zu einem Wirtschaftsstandort gemacht wird. Hans Apel wurde später Bundesverteidigungsminister unter Helmut Schmidt, zu einer Zeit, in der ich mein politisches Engagement mit Rundbriefen an die Politik bereits begonnen hatte, die hinter die Kulisse der Nachrichten-Politik blickten und ich das Wahre den Politikern unter die Nase rieb.

Nur Dohnanyi pflegte ich als einen sauberen und anständigen Politiker zu achten, ausgerechnet ihn, den wohl schlimmsten Politverbrecher in der Nachkriegsgeschichte Deutschlands. Er war Bundesenergie minister und dann Staatsekretär im Bundeswirtschaftsministerium, um erstens die Entwicklungsforschung für Weltraumwaffen voranzutreiben und dann als Bundeswrtschaftsminister die Wirtschaft zu erpressen oder auch zu ködern mit Geld, falls möglich, für die Weltraumaufrüstung zu produzieren, das alles verschachtelt.

Die müssen ja dann auch zusammengesetzt werden. Das geschieht vorzugsweise in Autofirmen wie Daimler oder auch VW. Klaus von Dohnanyi war also im Bundeswirtschaftsministerium vom Bundesforschungsminister zum Staatssekretär unter Willi Brandt, dem einstigen Widerstandskämpfer, die Karriereleiter heruntergeklettert. Von dort aus und bereits als Staatsekretär im Bundeswirtschaftsministerium und zuvor im Bundesforschungsministerium muss er den niedersächsischen Ministerpräsidenten Hans Apel, ein Freund von Helmut Schmidt, erpresst haben.

Aus Niedersachsen kennt man die Salzstätte Gorleben. Das ist eine unterirdische Salzhöhle, deren Salz im Inneren der Höhle längst abgetragen worden ist. Aber die Wände sind natürlich immer noch aus NaCl. Das ist Natriumchlorid, das Kochsalz in der Küche. Als dort Castoren mit radioaktivem abfall gelagert werden sollten- in der Höhle unten, schrieb ich wütende Rundbriefe, die zudem erklärten, warum as reinster Völkermord sei.

Die Alphastrahlen sind also nichts anderes als zweifach positivgeladenes Helium-Kation. Helium ist aber ein Edelgas. Wenn die auf die Felswände aus NACl knallen und abgebremst werden, reagieren sie nicht nur mit den He.

Kationen sondern natürlich auch, da vorhanden, mit den Na-Kationen des Salzes. Jetzt sollte man noch die avogardo number kennendie besagt, dass ein Mol oder Grammatom eines elementes aus exakt — nun ja, die exakte Zahl habe ich vergessen. Also eine riesige Menge Na-Kationen ,die in den Sazfelsen ruhen. Als die Castoren im Salzbergwerk unten gelagert werden sollten unter Riesenhuber, dem chemiker, glaube ich, schrieb ich das in rundbriefen an die Poltik. Darum stehen die Castoren seither über dem Salzlager.

Das muss der sdi-Herrscher Dohnanyi befohlen haben und mit seine sdi-Waffen erprest haben. Denn wenn die über dem Salzlager abgestellt wurden, allerdings mit besonders korrisionsfähigem Lack überlackiert die Castoren aus Eisen,also Blech- was auch schli,,ist in punkto Korrision. Man hätte einfach ein korrosionsbeständiges Metall alsBehälterwand nehemn können, z. Also die Castoren stehen seither über dem Salzlager.

Offenbar wartet Dohnanyi darauf, dass ich tot bin,.. Dann haut er abin einem shuttle ab in den Weltraum und lässtdie Castoren nach unten in das Salzbergwerk stürzen, schlitzt dabei die wände der Castoren mit einem sdi-Programm auf. Das radioaktiveMaterial ist in diesne Behältern gerademal in Glas eingeschmolzen.

Das zerbricht durch den Sturz, die Radioaktivität breitet sich aus, fleigt gegen die Salzwände,unterstützt von einem sdi-Programm wird es gefegt mit dem Besne der sdi-Hexen Vivian Janovund Nancy Reagan.

Nun ja, dann geht Deutschland und Anrainerstaaten kaputt, nämlich über in radioaktiv verseuchtes Gelände. Je nachdem krepieren die Menschen daran schnelloder weiter entfernt langsam.

Aber die sdi-Herrscher können auch winde erzeugen und deren flugrichtung lenekn und damit den gesamten Kontinent verseuchen.

In dem Fall haben schon Werner Heisenberg und Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker ein Gegenprogramm, sie werdne dann nämlich die Radioaktivität dorthin fliegenlassen, wo die sdi-Herrscher leben bzw. Darüber zu lagern und sie beizeiten abstürzen zu lassen, beweist deren extrme Hinterhältigkeit und dass sie Menschen für ausgesprochen dumm halten. Beate Schäpe ist eher als Opfer als als Täter zu sehen. Sie sollen von Ihrer innneren Mitte ablenken, von ihrem eigenen Willen, von Ihrer eigenen Schöpferkraft und von Ihrer eigenen Souveänität.

Wenn man Schaf und Herde sein will, ist das auch i. Deshalb wundert mich Ihre Ansprache an die oben genannnten Politclowns, welche für Souveräne einfach Luft und völlig uninteressannt sind. Geben Sie diesen Geschöpfen nicht so viel Energie durch Ihrer eigene Aufmerksamkeit Wir sind alle Teil eines Theaterspiels und man kann für sich willentlich entscheiden, ob man Mitspieler oder nur schmunzelnder Zuschauer ist.

Forscher aus USA haben zusammen mit den deutschen Forschern aus Hannover heute erst angeblich Gravitationswellen präzise nachgewiesen. Ich bin mir sicher, dass sie das schon länger können, aber aus ermittlungstechnischen Gründen bis heute gewartet haben. Denn jeder Forscher, der n i c h t für die sdi-Verbrecher arbeitet wie Tino Cannobbio, macht bei anti-sdi mit.

Zuerst damit klar ist, dass auch die Manipulation mit Gravitationswellen- ich ziehe Gravitationsfrequenz als Begriff vor, wobei der Unterschied zwischen einer Welle und Frequenz physikalisch mathematisch gegeben ist durch die Formel: Darum ist Pott wie Deckel ob man Welle oder Frequenz sagt. Aber gemessen werden die Wellenlängen, nicht die Frequenzen. Und zwar so scharf , und präzise, dass man mit der Technik auch in Hannover ein Milliardstel eines Atoms haarscharf messen kann.

Da das Gehirn aber so manipuliert wird, das Moleküle verschoben werden etcetera. Bedarf es dafür gar nicht dieser ungeheuren Präzision. Und wie aus gesunden Genen Krebsgene gemacht werden durch Umgestaltung des Gens mit der Gravitationspinzette, das kann nun auch direkt nachgewiesen werden. Indirekt war es immer schon möglich, aber direkt überzeugt die richter und die Menschheit natürlich mehr und so verbrecherische Physiker wie Ernesto Cannobbio haben kein Gegenargument mehr.

Damit ist die sdi-Verbrecher-Riege also schachmatt. Wie gesagt, ich bin mir sicher, dass das schon seit längerem funktioniertund Beweise ergo gesammelt sind.

Alleskann in der Forschung stets auch aufgezeichnet werden. Das Tolle ist, dass damit all Ihre Fälschungen hinfällig werden bzw. Denn Sie haben Ihre sdi-Verbrechen ja begangen, indem Sie anderen diese unterstellt haben, so auch mir, einer Sozialhilfeempfängerin. Es ist rein rechnerisch zwar abartig, wie man einer Sozialhilfeeempfängerin den Besitz milliardenschwerer sdi-Waffen unterstellen kann.

Ich konnte also gar nicht an den Erlös aus dem Sammeln von Geld für meine weltweit in etlichen Landessprachen übersetzten Blogs auf wordpress. Letztlich sagte mir eine nette Greenpeacerin, sie dürfen von anderen gar nicht veröffentlichen.

Es gibt also gar kein Geld für mich selbst bei Greenpeace. Jedenfalls kann eine Sozialhilfeempfängerin sich nicht mal mehr eine anständige Wohnung in Hamburg mieten, weil die Mieten für das Sozialamt zu hoch sind! Wenn billige Angebote kommen,sind die von sdi-Mittätern. Er windet sich natürlich.

Aber Beihilfe zum Mord ist Beihilfe. Bei jedem sdi-Mittäter trifft das zu. So auch bei Dr. Josef Evers, bei den Agenten ist es sogar Mittäerschaft und ergibt lebenslänglich.

Der alte Wachmann, 94 jährig, schweigt. Darum wird die Prozessordnung und Vorgehensweise,wie Kriegsverbrecherprozesse und alle Prozesse in der Zukunft ablaufen, geändert werden: Von da wird der Prozess weltweit im Fernsehen und public viewing übertragen. Das ist die Justiz der Menschheit schuldig. Wie Prozesse bis heute laufen, ist es eine Verhöhnung der Richter, einfach immer nur zu schweigen oder gar dreist zu werden wie Beate Zschäpe, die mit dem vorsitzenden Richter M.

Er müsste sich das gar nicht gefallen lassen, weil es seinen Würde erheblich verletzt so wie generell die Prozesse die Würde der Richter verletzten, weil gechwiegen wird oder gelogen.

Seien Sie sdi-Verbrecher sich sicher, dass die Richter längst Klagen , Verfassungsklage gestellt haben, um die Prozesse in der Zukunft menschenwürdig gestalten zu können. Und was lediglich des Beschlusses des BGH bedarf, das ist auch längst vorbereitet. Dabei wusste man doch, dass auch in Hannover schon vor Jahrzehnten mit den Experimenten begonnen wurde, Gravitationswellen nachweisbar zu machen.

Eher wr das ein Experiment, derart gestaltet, als ob es unmöglich sei, damit die sdi-Herrscher sich sicher fühlen. Tja, Vivian Janov besitzt keinerlei Interesse an Forschung. Sonst hätte sie vielleicht gewusst, dass in Louisiana und noch wo entsprechende Experimente aufgebaut werden, um auch sie überführen zu können,.

In der Forschung ist nichts unmöglich. Albert Einstein hat absichtlich gesagt, man würde Gravitationskraft nie nachweisen könnne. Albert Einstein wusste also, dass sie eines Tages nachweisbar werden. Man kann die Wellen, die vom Bildschirm unten zum sdi-Roboter oder Computer ins All gesendet werden, direkt nachweisen und auch wen oder was die von den sdi-Robotern im All ausgesandten Gravitationswellen anstellen. Der Einsturz der Zwillingstürme ist so direkt nachweisbar, Erdbeben, Tsunamis, wie Kriege programmiert werden, wie Bomben gesteuert werden undMenschen und und und.

Dann muss ja jetzt der Syrienkrieg aufhören und das Fernsteuern von Millionen von Flüchtlingen dann auch. Jetzt könne diese Verbrecher ja endlich verhaftet werden!!!!! Life Spring Farm Zambia. Ich hab ja schon viel über das pervertierte Finanzsystem gelesen, aber das hier schlägt dem Fass den Boden raus.

Ich schäme mich ein Mensch zu sein. Nein noch nicht, aber es wäre momentan hier nicht vollstreckbar, mangels rechtsgültiger Gesetze, Gesetzgeber und Organe… Aufgeschoben ist aber nicht aufgehoben, da können Sie Gift darauf nehmen! Guten Tag alle zusammen. Gibt es Neuhigkeiten von den Strafgerichtshof? Haben diese die Anklage eigenlich akzeptiert? Leuft di Sache weiter? Vielen Dank fuer alles auf jeden fall. I agree with you. Vielen, vielen Dank für diese mutige und wegweisende Initiative!!!.

Ich möchte hier im Namen vieler deutscher Freunde unsere aufrichtige Solidarität mit den unterdrückten und notleidenten Menschen, welche das unwürdige, verbrecherische Konzern-Banken-Politiker-System in Form der nichtswürdigen EU-Junta ausblündert, schikaniert, ja sogar tötet!!! Wir möchten zudem wieder in einem freien und souveränen Deutschland leben, was sich am Frieden in der Welt beteiligt, leben. Wir sind Teilnehmer der beginnenden Friedensmahnwachen in Deutschland.

Weltweit werden Homosexuelle noch immer diskriminiert. In einigen Staaten wird Schwul-Sein sogar mit dem Tod bestraft. Beginnt ein autoritäres Jahrhundert? Zuflucht gesucht - Seeking Refuge Wahre Welle. Film-Highlights Bundestagswahlen Zahlen und Fakten: Der Kapitalismus Ohrenkuss Was ist das?

Dossier Frauen in Deutschland. Heather Hofmeister und Lena Hünefeld. Frauen sind weiterhin seltener in Führungspositionen vertreten, obwohl sie ausbildungsbezogen keinen Rückstand mehr gegenüber den Männern haben. Bewerten Sie diesen Beitrag:

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