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Benefits include an earlier introduction to technology, a chance to strengthen challenging skills, and the opportunity to take college credit courses.

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Great Sightings puzzles. Kids Puzzles 80 puzzles. Piece of Art puzzles. Online schools are constantly expanding across the U. Find the best program for your needs through our comprehensive directory of local online K12 schools and colleges. Online graduate schools make it possible to advance in your field while still working full-time. Programs like business administration, nursing, computer science, education, and social work draw large enrollments, but there are programs to choose from across a range of fields.

Browse our comprehensive online graduate programs guide and search for schools using our database. Students of all ages can extend their learning through K12 online schools. Benefits include an earlier introduction to technology, a chance to strengthen challenging skills, and the opportunity to take college credit courses. If your child suffers a chronic illness, has been injured, or works better at home , online elementary school , middle school , and high school may be the answer.

Online schools at every level, from online elementary schools to the best online colleges, vary in delivery format. Choose a topic below. The blended format is a mix of online courses and in-person coursework. Online high school students may pursue a blended online school to earn extra AP credits, for example, while college students may supplement their education with virtual courses. Synchronous courses require you to meet online at the same time as your professors and fellow students, thus enforcing a set schedule.

Asynchronous courses require no scheduled meetings; you decide when you complete your coursework and when you interact online. Many states provide public online schools at the K12 level that are fully or mostly funded. These schools are often free of charge and accredited.

They typically offer lower tuition rates for in-state residents. While the price of a private school education may exceed that of public online colleges and universities, many private schools offer other amenities that are worth looking at. Some of the best online schools are able to specialize in an area or provide better access to the newest facilities and smaller class sizes.

Arguably, accreditation is the most important factor to consider when comparing your academic options.

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