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Die Live-Band mit Profimusikern für jedes Event. Ladies and Gentlemen, with great pleasure we present the one and only:. Sie wünschen sich vielleicht etwas ganz besonderes? So wurde die ursprüngliche Baracke des Don Quixote Ballermann abgerissen und durch eine weitere Gebäudewand im Kathedralen-Stil ersetzt. Auf unsere Attribute legen wir wert.

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He really moved the crowd, and like he fed off of the energy almost. The lyrical display was intense and smooth, and of course song choice and placement is important and he nailed that too. A couple of things that could have been better, well he could have come out sooner and stayed longer, but I do not hold that against artists because that is not usually in their control.

Definately going to see Russ again when I get a chance. He killed it, the audio and visual affects were dope and really completed the show.

He sounded good too rapped and sang a good portion of his songs unlike a lot of artists and the crowd was feeling it, everyone was singing along and dancing up a storm.

I think a scuffle did break out but security ended it pretty quick, Russ walked off stage for a min but came back and finished the set, not sure if that had anything to do with it but the show ended shortly after. He came out for an encore too and killed it definitely wanna see him again. Russ is an amazing all around artist. His interaction with his fans and showing love was true. The crowd was heavily engaged with Russ and collectively sang every song he performed.

He performed much more than 4 of his songs, that tells you a lot, compared to other artists out there. Love love love Russ! The concert was great and such an amazing experience, though I felt like the waiting game is longer than the actual concert. The concert felt very short, but it was amazing! But great concert though! Couldn't wait for the concert to start The mood was awesome! The live musik of Russ is dope! He showed his coolness and loyaltie to his fans by wearing a soccer tricot from Cologne at his show.

Loved seeing him live. Definitely a night to remember. He stayed keepin us hyped asf. The lights and stage set up was amazing. Everyone there was really helpful and nice. Super easy to find where everything was and even leaving was easy. This was my first concert, and all I have to say is that this was an amazing experience! His music is amazing I wish I could go back and relive this moment! Hands down best day ever! I can't wait till Russ comes back to Chicago ill definitely be there!

I had the best time and the venue was wonderful, I wish there would have been more Merch and Merch stations though but overall the absolute best and most fun time!!!!!!!! Stood in line for almost 2 hours to have to stand another hour and half to have him come late cause tickets sales weren't enough before the show, wasn't very happy about that.

Overall concert and Russ was amazing other than the time that was wasted. Phenomenal, I've been to quite a few concerts including the likes of the and Roger Waters and this mans energy and charisma was amazing.

Loved it every second of it, memorable night for sure. It was an amazing performance I've seen in a minute. He had high energy from start to finish. Russ deserved to have a sold out show every night he performs. If you haven't been to one it's a must. Guarantee you'll like it. Honestly one of the best concerts I have ever been to no doubt. It was amazing besides the fact that he was almost an hour late and didn't get to the venue until 20 minutes after it was supposed to start.

But overall it was great. The show was out of this world. He is an amazing artist; and you can see how he appreciates us all - his Real Fans. He is an awesome performer and an even better person. It's all love here tbh. Nothing bad to say about him. Awesome show and good vibe! I appreciated his lack of hype man and his voice sounded great. Meet and Greet was after the show and the line took a while, very quick meeting and picture opportunity, but humble and funny guy!

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