Nancy Ajram

Nadine Labaki directed another clip that featured Ajram as a wife who sees her husband cheating on her yet she hides it in torment to save their relationship. Born and raised in Achrafieh , Lebanon , with the support of her father, she began performing as a child and appeared on several television shows in her early years. On September 28, , The Oprah Winfrey Show aired an episode titled "Fame Around the World" that talked about the most famous celebrities around the globe in brief reports.

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The video was released on May 25, , the day the Lebanese president General Michel Suleiman was elected ending a deadlock that lasted since November. It was the first video for Ajram that had an entirely graphical world that implied the suffering of children worldwide and the need to bring out a more colorful and happy world for them. In February and March , Ajram released three Coca-Cola commercials that featured a brand new hit from her long-awaited album.

The single was an instant hit and served as a highly successful promotion 5 months before the release of the album. This long-awaited comeback album held lots of surprises for her fans with a huge change in her style that presented her matured vocal abilities like never before.

Ajram's sixth album, Betfakkar Fi Eih , is considered to be one of her most successful albums so far as it won her first World Music Award in her career. In her short speech, Ajram thanked her parents, Jiji Lamara, her fans and album makers, and husband, saying " has been a fantastic year — a successful album, my wedding, and now a World Music Award, what can I ask for more? On September 28, , The Oprah Winfrey Show aired an episode titled "Fame Around the World" that talked about the most famous celebrities around the globe in brief reports.

Representing the Middle East region and Arab world, Ajram appeared in a report featured on the show and was described by Oprah as "the Britney Spears of the Middle East". Ajram is the first and only Middle-Eastern artist ever mentioned on the show. The original music video was used for K'naan 's parts while Ajram's parts were filmed separately in Lebanon on the same protocol under Leila Kanaan 's co-direction. Both the video and song were aired heavily during the FIFA season and part of the song was particularly played during commercial breaks on Al Jazeera channel, which exclusively aired the games to the Arab world.

One month later, Ajram filmed a commercial for her newly signed contract with Lactalis advertising their Lactel yoghurt. On August 30, Ajram's official Facebook page posted a second preview of the music video for Ajram's next single, "Fi Hagat".

Later, it was announced that Nadine Labaki directed the video, thus making her comeback to music video direction after her 4-year break. The video is also the first collaboration between Ajram and Labaki since 's "Ya Tabtab". The full music video premiered on September 6, , at 8: On September 7, Ajram officially launched the all-new Nissan Micra at a special press conference in Lebanon.

On September 13, , Ajram released her second album dedicated to children, entitled Super Nancy with the lead single "Ya Banat". By the end of the moth, Anlene named Ajram their new regional Ambassador for the fortified adult milk brand.

In a press conference held in Dubai on October 20, Ajram stated that she will help raise awareness of osteoporosis and bone health amongst women in the Middle East. The album's lead single, "Ma Tegi Hena", was well received by music critics who compared it to "Akhasmak Ah," Ajram's breakthrough hit single. In September , Ajram returned as a judge on the third season of Arab Idol , Three of the four judges, including her, returned with Ragheb Alama being replaced, after two consecutive seasons, by another well-known Lebanese singer, Wael Kfoury.

On its 20th anniversary, Home Centre announced Ajram as brand ambassador. Homes are an extension of one's personality through which they are able to express themselves and Home Centre very well gives you the kind of products that help you create that space.

As someone who takes pride in my home, Home Centre is certainly a brand I can connect to. I look forward to our association in the months to come. A year after Ajram began working on her ninth studio album, the single "Maakoul El Gharam" was released on November 15, , which reached the 1 spot on Anghami , setting a new record in 12 hours; [52] it was ultimately removed from the final track listing for her ninth studio album. Ajram returned as a judge on Arab Idol for its fourth season alongside fellow judges Wael Kfoury , Ahlam and Hassan El Shafei ; the fourth season premiered on November 4, The album peaked at number one on the HitMarker' s Best-Selling Albums Chart and remained atop for 16 continuous weeks since its release.

Through her frequent visits to his clinic, Ajram started a relationship with Lebanese well-known dentist Fadi El Hachem in and had managed to maintain their privacy until being photographed together during a trip to Tunisia. Mila later appeared in the set of Ajram's "Ya Kether" music video in the presence of the media who publicized her pictures. On April 23, , she gave birth to her second daughter, Ella, and released a song for her "Hadri Laabek" on the same day.

Ajram has participated in numerous charity events and concerts that she considers a priority in her music career. Ajram also participated amongst over other prominent Arab artists in a huge operate called "Al Dhameer Al Arabi" released on February 27, , a year sequel to "El Helm El Arabi" that outlines the major political events in the Arab world in the past ten years.

In June , Ajram participated in The Big Ball, a charity event in Dubai which raised over Dhs , for helping underprivileged children by auctioning one of her favourite dresses and encouraging children's fund-raising events; she announced, "The Big Ball is doing a wonderful thing and I'm happy to support it. I'm coming for my love of children and because I want to help underprivileged children find a happy place in this world. What is a shared list? You clicked on an external link, which has been disabled in order to keep your shopping session open.

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