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Injured by the fall and stranded in the dangerous city, Atreyu finds the wolf G'mork, chained and near death, who tells him that all the residents of the city have leapt voluntarily into The Nothing. There, thanks to the irresistible pull of the destructive phenomenon, they have become lies in the human world. The wolf also reveals that he is a servant of The Manipulators, the force behind The Nothing.

They wish to prevent the Empress's chosen hero from saving her. G'mork then reveals that when the princess of the city discovered his treachery against the Empress, she imprisoned him and left him to starve to death. When Atreyu announces that he is the hero G'mork has sought, the wolf laughs and succumbs to death.

However, upon being approached, G'mork's body instinctively seizes Atreyu's leg in his jaws. Falkor and Atreyu go to the Childlike Empress, who assures them they have brought her rescuer to her; Bastian suspects that the Empress means him, but cannot bring himself to believe it.

When Bastian refuses to speak the new name, to prompt him into fulfilling his role as savior, the Empress herself locates the Old Man of Wandering Mountain, who possesses a book also entitled The Neverending Story , which the Empress demands he read aloud. As he begins, Bastian is amazed to find the book he is reading is repeating itself, beginning once again whenever the Empress reaches the Old Man—only this time, the story includes Bastian's meeting with Coreander, his theft of the book, and all his actions in the attic.

Realizing that the story will repeat itself forever without his intervention, Bastian names the Empress 'Moon Child', and appears with her in Fantastica, where he restores its existence through his own imagination.

For each wish, Bastian loses a memory of his life as a human. Unaware of this at first, Bastian goes through Fantastica, having adventures and telling stories, while losing his memories. In spite of the warnings of Atreyu and Bastian's other friends, Bastian uses AURYN to create creatures and dangers for himself to conquer, which causes some negative side effects for the rest of Fantastica.

After encountering the wicked sorceress Xayide, and with the mysterious absence of the Childlike Empress, Bastian decides to take over Fantastica for himself, but is stopped by Atreyu, whom Bastian grievously wounds in battle. Ultimately, a repentant Bastian is reduced to two memories: After more adventures, Bastian must give up the memory of his parents to discover that his strongest wish is to be capable of love and give love to others. After much searching, and on the verge of losing his final memory, Bastian is unable to find the Water of Life with which to leave Fantastica with his memories.

Here, he is found by Atreyu. Only after Atreyu gives Bastian's name and promises to complete all the stories for him does the Water of Life allow Bastian to return to the human world, along with some of the mystical waters. He returns to his father, where he tells the full tale of his adventures, and thus reconciles with him. Afterwards, Bastian confesses to Coreander about stealing his book and losing it, but Coreander denies ever owning such a book.

Coreander reveals he has also been to Fantastica, and that the book has likely moved into the hands of someone else and that Bastian—like Coreander—will eventually show that individual the way to Fantastica. This, the book concludes, "is another story and shall be told another time". Nickerson of Library Journal writes in a review that "Imaginative readers know the story doesn't end when the covers close; the magic to be found in books is eternal, and Ende's message comes through vividly.

On September 1, , the search engine Google featured a Google Doodle marking the 37th anniversary of The Neverending Story ' s first publishing. The album Wooden Heart by Listener was based on or heavily influenced by The Neverending Story , which has been confirmed by the band. The Spanish pop band Vetusta Morla derived its name from the ancient turtle in the novel. The NeverEnding Story was the first film adaptation of the novel.

It covered only the first half of the book, ending at the point where Bastian enters Fantastica renamed "Fantasia" in the film.

Ende, who was reportedly "revolted" by the film, [1] requested they halt production or change the film's name, as he felt it had ultimately and drastically deviated from his novel; when they did neither, he sued them and subsequently lost the case.

Some electronic tracks by Giorgio Moroder were added to the US version of the film, as well as the titlesong Never Ending Story composed by Giorgio Moroder and Keith Forsey becoming a chart success for Limahl , the former singer of Kajagoogoo. The Next Chapter , directed by George T. Miller and starring Jonathan Brandis and Kenny Morrison , was released in It used plot elements primarily from the second half of Ende's novel, but told a new tale.

This film was primarily based only upon the characters from Ende's book, having an original new story. The film was lambasted by film critics and was a box office bomb. From through , the German publishing house AVAinternational published six novels of different authors in a series called Legends of Fantastica, each using parts of the original plot and characters to compose an entirely new storyline:.

The world premier of the stage production took place in in Brisbane, Australia, by the Harvest Rain Theatre Company. In Germany, The Neverending Story has been variously adapted to a stage play, ballet, and opera [10] which premiered at the Linz Landestheater on December 11, It also grossed a similar amount in the United States; only a modest sum in the American market, which director Wolfgang Petersen ascribed to the film's European sensibilities.

The film was released by Warner Bros. The only audio option is a 2. The theatrical trailer is the lone extra feature presented. There is also a quite lavish European version, which is a two-disc special edition with packaging shaped like the book from the film and containing both the North American and German releases of the film.

Various extras, such as a minute documentary, music video, and galleries, are presented on the second disc. This edition is currently [ when? The standard single-disc edition is also available for the Region 2 market. A Dutch import has also appeared on the Internet in various places, which only contains the North American release of the film but also includes a remastered DTS surround track, which is not found in either the German or the Region 1 release. The first Blu-ray release was a region-free Dutch edition on 24 March No special features or theatrical trailer are included.

Recent German releases feature the original Klaus Doldinger soundtrack with the original English audio track. Originally described as a "newly" remastered version of the film, Warner released a statement indicating that "the only remastered version is The NeverEnding Story II", while not elaborating further on this current US release. In , it was reported that Warner Bros.

They intend to "examine the more nuanced details of the book" rather than remake the original film by Petersen. In , producer Kathleen Kennedy said that problems securing the rights to the story may mean a second adaptation is "not meant to be.

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Barret Oliver as Bastian Balthazar Bux. Noah Hathaway as Atreyu. Patricia Hayes as Urgl , Engywook's wife and a healer. Sydney Bromley as Engywook , a gnomish scientist. Gerald McRaney as Mr. Bux, Bastian's widowed, workaholic father. Moses Gunn as Cairon, a servant of the Empress. Thomas Hill as Mr. Coreander, a grumpy bookseller.

Deep Roy as Teeny Weeny, a messenger riding on a racing snail. Tilo Prückner as Nighthob, a messenger riding a narcoleptic bat. Release dates Edit Some international release dates: You can help by adding to it. A widescreen laserdisc was released on 28 August ; no special features were included. The film has since been an inspiration in popular culture.

The Mexican pop punk band Fälkor derived their name from the character of Falkor, changing the styling of the middle a for ä. The American rock band Bayside have used quotes from the film as titles of their songs. Examples include "They look like strong hands" and "They're not horses, they're unicorns". The Spanish indie-rock band Vetusta Morla derived their name from the character of Morla the Ancient One "vetusta" means "ancient" in Spanish. The American grindcore band The Nothing that Kills is completely inspired by the film.

The band uses quotes from the film as lyrics and also incorporates samples on their album The Neverending Story. British Board of Film Classification. Retrieved 23 April Retrieved 11 January Retrieved 16 October When Heimat Meets Hollywood: German Filmmakers and America, Studies in German Literature Linguistics and Culture.

The Neverending Story - Special Edition". Retrieved 23 January Wikiquote has quotations related to: Retrieved from " https: The Neverending Story by Michael Ende.

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