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Nebraska Department of Education. The area is the location of Carter Lake, an oxbow lake. Martin's Press, takes place in Omaha.

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Joseph's Church , which was established in to serve German-speaking Catholics. Within 25 years they lived throughout the city, with large enclaves in the Dundee and Field Club neighborhoods. Germans built several Deutschekirchen - German churches - throughout Omaha.

Joseph 's was a Roman Catholic parish established in to serve Omaha's German-speaking Catholics. The German community in Omaha was literate and large enough to support several German-language newspapers, which also had national distribution. Edward Rosewater , the Czech editor at The Omaha Bee , used the slogan "Germania our Mother, Columbia our Bride" to describe the kind of "dual-sentimentality" many Germans in America felt towards their country of origin.

The German community in Omaha was noted for integrating quickly throughout the city. Period sociological research also identified a range of reluctance among German immigrants, as well as second- and third-generation Germans towards assimilation. Germans in Omaha were employed in many of the city's manufacturing industries, particularly its brewing sector, which was created by German immigrants.

Gottlieb Storz , Frederick Krug and Frederick Metz built the success of their breweries by hiring German brewmeisters and laborers for their skills. Immigrant workers from Germany were readily employed in Jobbers Canyon and by the railroads in Omaha.

German-owned breweries in Omaha sought to keep alcohol legal. Shallenberger in , as Shallenberger ran on an anti- Prohibition slate. After he was elected, however, Shallenberger became pro-Prohibition. Temperance was strongly supported in most of Nebraska for 30 years before the national Prohibition movement.

The German vote there was credited for keeping the state "wet" during that period. In July Germans in Omaha rallied with other immigrant organizations across the city to create the National German-American Alliance. At least 54 social, farming and cultural organizations from around Omaha were represented at the first meeting. This alliance brought together many German organizations around Omaha in July at the city's annual Sängerfest , which was a dance and rally for more than 5, attendees.

By masking political objectives within a German cultural event, National German-American Alliance leaders were able to openly politicize the event without scrutiny from the mainstream press. Peter was the publisher of a German-language newspaper called the Omaha Tribüne.

In Peter led the National German-American Alliance in strong opposition to women's suffrage during a statewide election on the issue. The Omaha Tribune editor denounced the effort as "chiefly Both here and abroad, the enemy is the same!

Perfidious Albion - there England has pressed the sword into the hands of almost all the peoples of Europe against Germany. In this country it has a servile press at its command, which uses every foul means to slander everything German and to poison the public mind. Such expression of pro-German feelings by German immigrants aroused anti-German sentiment in the many Americans who favored the British as allies.

Peter's son, Valentin J. By the outbreak of World War I , some Americans were concerned about divided loyalties of German immigrants and their descendants. A nativist movement affected Omaha.

Germans who were not American citizens were required to register with the Federal government as " Alien Enemies ". Anti-German feelings ran high in Nebraska because of the war. A historian noted, "German books were destroyed.

The legislature prohibited the use of foreign languages on the public streets or on the telephone and prohibited schools from using or even teaching foreign languages below the eighth grade. Wartime patriots initiated both official and vigilante action against German immigrants. They did not want to appear less than loyal to the US.

Anti-German sentiment contributed to passage of a state law that enforced teaching in English. By law, "No person, individually or as a teacher, shall, in any private, denominational, parochial or public school, teach any subject to any person in any language than the English language. He was taken to court by the State of Nebraska. Although his appeal to the Nebraska Supreme Court failed, the U.

Supreme Court in Meyer v. Nebraska determined that Meyer had the right to teach the German language as a subject, and to teach it in German. By open discrimination against Germans throughout Omaha was taking hold. Many German-language newspapers were forced to change to English, or to close. After the First World War, Germans in America sought to regain their political influence, and they succeeded.

In , immediately after the United States presidential election in November, Peter came under scrutiny by the United States Senate , and was called to testify on his involvement in the campaign. There were deep divides among Germans in America in politics and many cultural issues.

By this period there were few first generation German immigrants. German Americans had national spokesmen who often provided conflicting political messages. They reflected the wide variety of opinions held by German Americans as they had assimilated into American life. Period sociologists noted the multiplicity of opinions as demonstrating the process of American assimilation among Germans in America.

By World War II , many of the distinctive institutions of German society in Omaha, such as stores, German-language churches, and social groups, had disappeared or become less exclusive of other groups. The experience of German immigrants in Omaha and throughout Nebraska is said to have deeply influenced Willa Cather. The circuit returned to Omaha in with the Pinnacle Bank Championship. Omaha has a thriving running community and many miles of paved running and biking trails throughout the city and surrounding communities.

The Omaha Marathon involves a half-marathon and a kilometer 6. Florence Boulevard and Fontenelle Boulevard are among the remnants of this system. Trails throughout the area are included in comprehensive plans for the city of Omaha, the Omaha metropolitan area, Douglas County, and long-distance coordinated plans between the municipalities of southeast Nebraska.

Omaha has a strong mayor form of government , along with a city council that is elected from seven districts across the city.

The current mayor is Jean Stothert , who was elected in May , and re-elected May 10, The longest-serving mayor in Omaha's history was "Cowboy" Jim Dahlman , who served 20 years over eight terms.

He was regarded as the "wettest mayor in America" because of the flourishing number of bars in Omaha during his tenure. The city clerk is Buster Brown. The City of Omaha administers twelve departments, including finance, police , human rights, libraries and planning. The council enacts local ordinances and approves the city budget.

Government priorities and activities are established in a budget ordinance approved annually. The council takes official action through the passage of ordinances and resolutions. Nebraska's constitution grants the option of home rule to cities with more than 5, residents, meaning they may operate under their own charters. Omaha is one of only three cities in Nebraska to use this option, out of 17 eligible.

Although registered Republicans outnumbered Democrats in the 2nd congressional district , which includes Omaha, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama opened three campaign offices in the city with 15 staff members to cover the state in fall This was an exceptional win, because with Nebraska's split electoral vote system Obama became the first Democratic presidential candidate to win an electoral vote in Nebraska since In , Nebraska lawmakers moved Offutt Air Force Base and the town of Bellevue — an area with a large minority population — out of the Omaha-based 2nd District and shifted in the Republican-heavy Omaha suburbs in Sarpy County.

The move is expected to dilute the city's urban Democratic vote. Omaha's rate of violent crimes per , residents has been lower than the average rates of three dozen United States cities of similar size. Unlike Omaha, those cities have experienced an increase in violent crime overall since Rates for property crime have decreased for both Omaha and its peer cities during the same time period.

As a major industrial city into the midth century, Omaha shared in social tensions of larger cities that accompanied rapid growth and many new immigrants and migrants. By the s, Omaha was a center for illegal gambling, [] while experiencing dramatic job losses and unemployment because of dramatic restructuring of the railroads and the meatpacking industry, as well as other sectors.

Persistent poverty resulting from racial discrimination and job losses generated different crimes in the late 20th century, with drug trade and drug abuse becoming associated with violent crime rates, which climbed after as Los Angeles gangs made affiliates in the city.

Gambling in Omaha has been significant throughout the city's history. From its founding in the s through the s, the city was known as a "wide-open" town, meaning that gambling of all sorts was accepted either openly or in closed quarters. By the midth century, Omaha reportedly had more illicit gambling per capita than any other city in the nation.

From the s through the s the city's gambling was controlled by an Italian criminal element. Today, gambling in Omaha is limited to keno , lotteries , and parimutuel betting , leaving Omahans to drive across the Missouri River to Council Bluffs, Iowa, where casinos are legal and there are numerous businesses operating currently. Recently a controversial proposal by the Ponca tribe of Nebraska was approved by the National Indian Gaming Commission.

It will allow the tribe to build a casino in Carter Lake, Iowa , which sits geographically on the west side of the Missouri River, adjacent to Omaha, where casinos are illegal. Education in Omaha is provided by many private and public institutions. Omaha Public Schools is the largest public school district in Nebraska, with more than 47, students in more than 75 schools. Cecilia Grade School at Webster St. Stephen the Martyr School at th and Q Street earned national distinction when they received the U.

Department of Education Blue Ribbon School award. Omaha is also home to Brownell-Talbot School , the only preschool through grade 12, independent college preparatory school in the state of Nebraska. Standing alone as its own school district, the Westside Community Schools, also known as District 66, is an award-winning district located in the heart of Omaha. It serves students in pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade and recorded a district enrollment of 6, students K for the school year.

There are eleven colleges and universities among Omaha's higher education institutions, including the University of Nebraska Omaha. News and World Report. There are more than 10 other colleges and universities in Omaha in the Omaha metro area.

The city is the focus of the Omaha designated market area , and is the 76th largest in the United States. The major daily newspaper in Nebraska is the Omaha World-Herald , which is the largest employee-owned newspaper in the United States. Omaha's four television news stations include: Cox Communications provides cable television services throughout the metropolitan area.

Various satellite providers, such as DirecTV and Dish Network , are also readily available throughout the metropolitan area with local programming. Retail natural gas and water public utilities in Omaha are provided by the Metropolitan Utilities District. All electric utilities are non-profit and customer-owned. Electricity in the city is provided by the Omaha Public Power District.

CenturyLink and Cox provide local telephone and internet services. The City of Omaha maintains two modern sewage treatment plants. Northern currently provides three natural gas lines to Omaha. Enron formerly owned UtiliCorp United, Inc. Peoples Natural Gas, a division of Aquila, Inc.

There are several hospitals in Omaha. The Boys Town facility is well known for researchers in hearing-related research and treatment. Omaha's central role in the history of transportation across America earned it the nickname "Gate City of the West. First housed in the former Herndon House , the Union Pacific Railroad's corporate headquarters have been in Omaha since the company began. Amtrak , the national passenger rail system, provides service through Omaha.

The Greyhound lines terminal is at Jackson St in downtown Omaha. Metro Transit , previously known as Metro Area Transit, is the local bus system. Omaha's position as a transportation center was finalized with the opening of the Union Pacific Missouri River Bridge linking the transcontinental railroad to the railroads terminating in Council Bluffs.

In the s, the Illinois Central drawbridge opened as the largest bridge of its type in the world. Route 6 and Nebraska Link 28B and U. Route has been upgraded to freeway standards from I to Fremont. A study by Walk Score ranked Omaha 21st most walkable of fifty largest U. Omaha is laid out on a grid plan , with 12 blocks to the mile with a north-to-south house numbering system. Cleveland who sought to combine the beauty of parks with the pleasure of driving cars.

Eppley Airfield , Omaha's airport, serves the region with over 4. As of , the airport has non-stop service to 34 destinations. Eppley is situated in East Omaha, with many users driving through Carter Lake, Iowa and getting a view of Carter Lake before getting there. Offutt Air Force Base continues to serve as a military airbase; it is located at the southern edge of Bellevue, which in turn lies immediately south of Omaha.

Omaha has six sister cities: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Omaha disambiguation. City in Nebraska, United States. Gateway to the West, [1] The Big O. Location in Nebraska and Douglas County.

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