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The most impressive relic of their time is the remains of a fortress of refuge at Otzenhausen in the north of the Saarland. It was not the king of France but the armies of the French Revolution who terminated the independence of the states in the region of the Saarland. The reserves of coal are located at depths of up to 4, feet 1, metres. Nearly seals, used to seal packages, bales and jars, have been found at the Saar settlement, and 48 seals from the associated burial ground:

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Artifacts found within the households include copper fishhooks, bitumen nodules, and numerous shells from shellfish, including pearl oyster.

The copper was produced in Bahrain; the bitumen imported from Mesopotamian quarry sites. Tiny seed pearls were found in the excavations, although they were probably too small to be used as ornaments.

Nearly seals, used to seal packages, bales and jars, have been found at the Saar settlement, and 48 seals from the associated burial ground: Four or five seals were found in a single house. All of the seals are of the early Dilmun style. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Saar, Bahrain. Residential Area in Northern Governorate, Bahrain.

Dilmun era settlement, located on the outskirts of Saar. Retrieved on 2 January Settlements in the Northern Governorate of Bahrain. Agriculture is relatively insignificant. The major products are grains, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, dairy products, and livestock.

Primary exports to France include bar and cast iron , sheet metal, tools, wire, coal, and coke. Among the imports from France are meat and meat products, motor vehicles, sheet metal, and iron ore. Saarland has a well-developed road network. An autobahn connects the region with the Rhine-Main area, and other roads link the state with Paris, Luxembourg, and Karlsruhe and Cologne, Germany. The railway system is equally extensive. Water transport, such as that along the canalized portion of the Saar River, is important.

An airport at Saarbrücken-Ensheim handles both domestic and international traffic. Saarland is governed by a state parliament, whose members are elected every four years. The well-developed educational system includes the University of Saarland at Saarbrücken. There are many museums and galleries and a large number of singing, musical, and theatrical groups.

The Celts and Germanic Franks were the earliest known inhabitants of the area, which subsequently became part of the Carolingian empire and the eastern Frankish empire.

By the Middle Ages, Saar consisted of several small territories, the largest of which was centred on the city of Saarbrücken. From to Saarbrücken was ruled by the counts of Nassau-Saarbrücken.

The territory around Saarbrücken, though inhabited by German-speaking people, was much influenced by France in the years following the Peace of Westphalia Saar became a French province in under the Truce of Regensburg, but in France was forced to surrender all of Saar except the town of Saarlouis under the Treaty of Rijswijk.

From to France again occupied Saar, together with the entire west bank of the Rhine. With the final defeat of Napoleon I in , France was forced to cede most of Saar to Prussia , which made the area part of its Prussian Rhine province. When Alsace-Lorraine was added to the German Empire in , Saar ceased to be a boundary state and experienced rapid industrial development based on its own coal deposits and the iron-ore deposits of Lorraine.

In the plebiscite, held on January 13, , more than 90 percent of the inhabitants of Saar voted for its return to Germany. In , following World War II , French military forces occupied Saarland, and two years later the first Saar state parliament adopted a constitution that called for an autonomous Saar in an economic union with France.

The French subsequently agreed to the return of Saar to West Germany, and on January 1, , Saarland finally achieved its present status as a federal state of Germany.

We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. Byrnes stated the U. See also Morgenthau plan for U. From to , a policy of industrial disarmament was pursued in Germany by the Allies see the industrial plans for Germany. As part of this policy, limits were placed on production levels, and industries in the Saar were dismantled just as in the Ruhr, although mostly in the period prior to its detachment see also the letter from the UK Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin to the French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman , urging a reconsideration of the dismantling policy.

In , the French government established the Saarland University under the auspices of the University of Nancy. It is the principal university in the Bundesland , the other being HTW. The Saar Protectorate was headed by a military governor from 30 August Saarland, however, was allowed a regional administration very early, consecutively headed by:.

It was signed as an agreement between the two countries on 23 October as one of the Paris Pacts , but a plebiscite held on 23 October rejected it by This was the last significant international border change in Europe until the fall of Communism over 30 years later.

After unification, the Saar franc remained as the territory's currency until West Germany's Deutsche Mark replaced it on 7 July The Saar Treaty established that French, not English as in the rest of West Germany, should remain the first foreign language taught in Saarland schools; this provision was still largely followed after it was no longer binding.

It is named after the Saar River , a tributary of the Moselle River itself a tributary of the Rhine , which runs through the state from the south to the northwest. One third of the land area of the Saarland is covered by forest, one of the highest percentages in Germany.

The state is generally hilly; the highest mountain is the Dollberg with a height of Most inhabitants live in a city agglomeration on the French border, surrounding the capital of Saarbrücken. See also List of places in Saarland. The following table shows the ten largest cities of Saarland [7]:. Saarland is the most religious state in Germany. The adherents of the Catholic Church comprise Except for the period between and — when the centre-left Social Democratic Party of Germany SPD held a majority of seats in the Landtag state diet — the centre-right Christian Democratic Union CDU has governed the Saarland, either alone or in coalition , continuously since the accession of the state to the Federal of Republic of Germany in Important income sources are automobile industry, steel industry, ceramic industry and computer science and information systems industry.

In the past, coal mining [10] was an important branch of industry. The unemployment rate stood at 5. Saarland is home to the Saarland University and the administrative headquarters of the Franco-German University.

People in the Saarland speak Rhine Franconian in the southeast, very similar to that dialect spoken in the western part of the Palatinate and Moselle Franconian in the northwest, very similar to that dialect spoken along the Moselle River and the cities of Trier or even in Luxembourg. In general, both dialects are an integral part of Saarland identity and thus a strong source of local patriotism.

Both dialects, particularly in their respective Saarland flavour, share many characteristic features, some of which will be explained below.

Women and girls are often referred to using the neuter pronoun es , with the pronunciation being something like Ähs: Ähs hat mir's gesaat ' it told me so', instead of ' she told me so'; vs. Sie hat es mir gesagt. This stems from the word Mädchen girl being neuter in German es is correct in German when referring to words like Mädchen but would not be used by itself in reference to a woman. Isch dääd saan, dass Diphthongs are less common than in Standard German.

This is because the Standard German diphthongs ei and au are each the result of a merger of two Middle High German vowels — however, these mergers did not take place in the Saarland, and only one of the two merged vowels is pronounced as a diphthong.

The front rounded vowels ö , ü , and eu are replaced by e , i , and ei respectively.

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