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So far, we have offered the following versions of our tournament pass: Event Details Solothurn Beer Days is your chance to explore the Swiss beer culture in this atmospheric town located right between Basel and Bern.

About This Festival

Who wins the cup for their team? The teams play against each other max. In mixed teams girls and boys compete together to demonstrate that they can score as many free throws as possible in 90 seconds. A faster, more exciting event with lots of music and a big fun factor! The team that reaches place 1 winner of the group will continue to the play-offs on the 4th day. The final game will be played on the 5th day. Final games Some finals take place today. Before and after the Slam Dunk Contest, the hall is exactly in the right mood to get the players to top performances!

The sportiest show- talents show their skills in dunking. Good music, spectacular tricks, good mood and the hall is really quaking! In the past the majority of slam dunk winners came from Germany, but the international competition becomes stronger! So, who will be successful this time? Doors open at 10pm! Pls bring your guest cards! The finals are played today. And yet it's time to say goodbye again. It has igloo raves, forest parties, mountain stages, pool parties,.

It has igloo raves, forest parties, mountain stages, pool parties, snolympics, chair lift speed dating, to name just a few. Solothurn Beer Days is your chance to explore the Swiss beer culture in this atmospheric town located right between Basel and Bern. The Electron Festival, in Geneva Switzerland, is one for the devout. It's an amazing mix of musical explorations combined with parties, films, lectures and workshops. Food Zurich celebrates the unique foods of the surrounding region of Zurich as well as Switzerland.

The festival welcomes more than 60, visitors this 11 days. Two weeks in July you can join the famous Montreux Jazz festival in Switzerland Their festivities begin later than in the rest of Europe which has to do with religion. The beginning of Fasnacht falls on the first Monday after Ash Wednesday.

It is a mixture of joie de vivre and melancholy, disguises, death and century old traditions. The on lookers do just that: Not wearing any form of masks, make up or disguises. Basel on Google Maps Hotels: Search hotels and more I don't have specific dates yet. Then, out of the black you hear the sound of drums and pipes. Upcoming Events in the Alps.

Time january 11 Friday - 12 Saturday. Snowattack electronic music festival in the Alps. In addition, BioSTEP involves identifying and disseminating best practices on the participatory development of national and regional bioeconomy strategies. The project involved research on the development of an Arctic regional collaboration mechanism funded by the Northern Periphery Programme.

The aim was to consider the need for improved collaboration across regional economic development programmes in the Arctic and how a collaboration mechanism can be optimally structured and delivered. Specifically, it focused on: The project, commissioned by the World Bank, examined the development, management and implementation of integrated sustainable urban development strategies.

The objective of this paper is to perform a comprehensive analysis of regional policy evaluation in Turkey, while providing insights on transformations in global trends, domestic targets, development policy structures and implementation.

This is followed by an examination of regional disparities from an administrative perspective and the transformation of regional development policies in accordance with the legal framework. In the subsequent part, the study scrutinizes the institutional capacity to implement effective regional policy, and finally it analyses reform packages that prescribe newly established institutions such as regional development agencies in order to fulfill the requirements of the EU acquis communautaire.

European Policy Research Paper, No. EoRPA research team - international and multi-disciplinary. Professional administrative support staff.

Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme Financial instruments and territorial cohesion. New Horizon project: Macro-regions and the European Union:

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