Antique English Silver London Britannia Standard Candlesticks Arthur Dickens 1725

06/07/ · A quick overview of what a hallmark is and what makes up a hallmark. *may be slightly longer than 60 seconds. For more information .

The restoration of the " sterling standard " ensued in the adoption of former hallmarks used prior "l ion passant guardant " and " crowned leopard head ". In the 1st century BC, Diodorus Siculus referred to Pretannia , [1] a rendering of the indigenous name for the Pretani people whom the Greeks believed to inhabit the British Isles. Retrieved 25 June

Sterling marks changed

Britannia (/ b r ɪ ˈ t æ n i ə /) has been used in several different senses. The name is a Latinisation of the native Brittonic word for the island, Pretanī, which also produced the Greek form Prettanike or Brettaniai, which originally, in the fourth to the first centuries BC, designated a collection of .

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