"inversion" in German

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"inversion" translation into German

Die ganze Zeit fotografierte er Häuser. He made pictures of houses all the time. So it works basically with any adverb or anything that works like an adverb adverbial phrase? I added an example to my answer. Please apologize, but I don't see what's specific about placing Adverbs in German? What you say about adverbial phrases is true for any kind of phrase apart from the predicate itself.

In English you don't have to invert the order of subject and predicate. The positions are not necessarily inverted though: Ich war gestern in der Schule. Ich darf leider nicht gehen. In all mentioned cases, both orders are fine. OregonGhost 13k 47 You're right, but I meant using the adverb at the beginning: D Sorry, maybe it wasn't clear I'll add that to be clearer! If so, I edited my answer. In your examples "In der Schule war ich gestern.

To get a feeling for the different nuances of the word order: Am zweiten Schultag on the second day of school not a very realistic example because school is too regular "Wach auf, mein Schatz, du musst in die Schule. In der Schule war ich gestern. I have been to school yesterday. This is the most neutral phrase. You can say In der Schule war ich gestern. Meaning in this one and not in another one. It is not suitable to tell that you were at school at all. Depends if you stress "der" or "gestern".

Stressing "der" means "this certain one", stressing "gestern" has the effect described by thei. The point is that you can mix the Satzglieder phrases like you want, as long as predicate comes second. Has nothing to do with adverbs at all. Some constructions might sound a bit strange or answer pretty special questions as thei has shown , but none is really "wrong".

English anastrophe eversion everting sexual inversion upending. English adaptation edition interlingual rendition interpretation reading rendering translation variant variation. German Invertierung Reversion Umdrehung Umkehrung.

Context sentences Context sentences for "inversion" in German These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. English And this is such an inversion , and such a wonderful example of children being the agents of change. English I agree with the rapporteur's position on the proposals by the Danish Presidency on the possibility of 'more extensive ' confiscation and the inversion of the onus of proof.

English The construction of Europe has seen an inversion of priorities and the negative effects of this are still being felt, which the European Parliament has undertaken to correct over time. English inverse sine inverse square law inverse tangent inverse time delay inverse transform inverse trigonometric functions inverse video inverse voltage inversed slant inversely inversion inversion of an argument inversion of sugar inversions inversive invert invert level invert sugar invertebrate invertebrated animals invertebrates More translations in the English-Czech dictionary.

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